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QoS Configurations

Sample Configuration using NBAR to rate limit certain traffic types.

HTTP and HTTPS to be Rate Limited to 500 Kbps
FTP Rate Limit to 100 Kbps
Drop all Recognized Peer-to-Peer File Sharing ApplicationĀ  Traffic

Configure using NBAR to Police Traffic going out to internet.
1. Define Class-Maps For Identifying Each Traffic Type
class-map match-any WWW
match protocol http
match protocol secure-http

class-map FTP
match protocol FTP

class-map match-any Peer-2-Peer
match protocol fastback
match protocol gnutella
match protocol napster
match protocol kazaa2
match protocol novadigm

2. Define Policy-Map to decide what to do with the identified traffic
Policy-map Internet-Req
class WWW
police 500000
conform-action transmit
exceed-action drop
class FTP
police 100000
conform-action transmit
exceed-action drop

class Peer-2-Peer
3. Select Interface to apply the Policy-Map and in the correct direction
interface fa0/0
service-policy input Internet-Req

End-to-End QoS Network Design: Quality of Service for Rich-Media & Cloud Networks (2nd Edition) (Networking Technology)

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